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Chic Seating: The Hottest Trends in Wedding Furniture Hire

2024 is bringing in fresh wedding furniture ideas, unique seating options, and furniture ideas that are just as much about function as they are about beauty.

Here’s a look at some of the most exciting wedding furniture trends to expect this year and how to incorporate them into your big day.

The Hottest Trends in Wedding Furniture Hire in 2024

1. Furniture As Decor

Wedding furniture isn’t just functional anymore. In 2024, it’s art.

This year, furniture will play as important of a role in event design as floral arrangements, lighting, table decor, and other wedding decorations.

Unique shapes and bold hues are taking over event rental furnishings and bringing modern art into the world of furnishings.

Here are my favourite tips on creating furniture that is equally beautiful and functional:

  • Surround lounges with dreamy floral arrangements
  • Mix and match your dining chairs to create more detail and interest
  • Opt for boldly coloured chairs, cocktail tables, and lounges
  • Select chairs and furniture with interesting shapes, interesting hues, and modern designs

2. Modern Chairs and Lounges

Sleek shapes, unique designs, and modern appeal will be at the forefront of wedding furniture this year.

Think lounge-style seating, modern chairs, and sophisticated furnishings that create an atmosphere that is equally elegant and welcoming.

I’ve seen a growing number of brides and grooms opt for lounge-style seating due to its perfect mix of comfort and luxury. Modern chairs and lounges feel classic and chic, and offer the perfect spot for relaxing during a reception.

I like to create lounge-style seating near the dance floor and add cocktail tables to spark conversation and connection. The outcome is sophisticated without feeling stuffy or uptight.

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3. Unique Room Layouts and Furniture Arrangements

Along with embracing modern shapes, bold colours, and furniture as art, I expect we’ll see interesting furniture arrangements and layouts that are anything but traditional.

Reimagine standard seating layouts with these on-trend ideas:

  • Rearrange chairs into visually interesting shapes, such as swirls or semi-circles — I especially love this seating method as it creates a cosy feel since guests are surrounding each other on all sides
  • Bring in lounges or benches to offer interesting seating alternatives and a more intimate feel
  • Opt for long banquet tables that stretch across the entire room
  • Include a mix of circular and rectangular tables to add dimension and visual interest
  • Use a different number of chairs in each row to complement the surroundings and optimise how you use a space
  • Have designated guest of honour seats arranged slightly apart from other seats or in a unique formation compared to other guest seating to highlight your special guests

4. Seated Bridal Parties

Have you ever been to a wedding ceremony where a member of the bridal party almost fainted? I’ve seen it a few times and it’s always nerve-wracking.

An upcoming — and sure to be appreciated — wedding trend is seated bridal parties.

To incorporate a seated bridal party into your big day, I recommend one of two options:

  • A simple way to keep the focus on you and your to-be spouse at the altar is reserving several seats at the front for your bridal party. Once they walk down the aisle, they take their seats for the ceremony.
  • Another option is placing several ottomans or lounges near the altar as special bridal party seats. Party members can sit comfortably throughout the ceremony and avoid any dreaded mid-ceremony fainting episodes!

5. Customised Seating Plans

2024 will see customised seating plans that work with the bride and groom’s style preferences and event design.

If you need help deciding on furniture arrangement and how it will work with a seating plan, feel free to get in touch with me. You provide our team with venue details, preferred colours or styles, the number of guests, and your expectations for the night.

We use these details to tailor a floor plan and furniture style that brings your ideas to life. We also create a custom to-scale model of the seating arrangement so you can visualise exactly how the final layout will look on your big day!

6. Sustainability

Sustainability is one of the biggest event design trends I anticipate seeing in 2024, and it’s one I’m personally invested in.

Renting furniture for your wedding means there is no waste and all the items can be reused. It doesn’t get more sustainable than that!

Other ways to incorporate sustainable practices into your wedding include:

  • Shop from bridal gown companies who focus on eco-friendly practices, such as organic fabrics or sustainable fabrics and recycling
  • Send out electronic invites rather than paper invites
  • Don’t print out unnecessary documents
  • Use digital tools like Google Drive or Dropbox to organise your wedding plans, ideas, research, to-do lists, contracts, etc.
  • Opt for biodegradable confetti
  • Consider lab-grown diamonds
  • Offer a shuttle service if your reception and ceremony are in different locations
  • Use reusable signs rather than printed ones

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Emma has worked as an event manager since 2012, executing some of the biggest, slickest and most glam productions on Perth’s social calendar. With a personal passion for interior styling and design, it was always the event styling that Emma loved most. Seeing guests walk in and whisper “Oh, wow!” under their breath—that’s what she lived for! Emma is also an avid supporter of various charities. In 2019 Emma launched DecAid to raise funds for the Starlight Children's Foundation. This event has since become one of Perth's best-known charity events. Following three successful events, it has raised over $320,000 for Starlight, and she is excited to be launching the event in Adelaide in 2024.