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12 of the Biggest Event Design Trends to Expect in 2024

Are you planning a wedding, corporate event, or bridal shower in 2024? My clients are always curious to know what the up-and-coming event design trends are — and I’m excited to share!

Here are the 12 emerging event design trends I expect we’ll see the most of in 2024.

Quick Summary:

  • 2024 event trends will have a major focus on eco-conscious, sustainable methods
  • Bold colour palettes will reign supreme
  • Vibrant flowers will add a pop of colour to events
  • Statement entrances will adorn many 2024 events
  • Creative seating that encourages networking and memorable conversations among attendees will become more frequent
  • Event trends will see the outdoors brought in and the indoors brought outside

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The Hottest Event Design Trends This Year

1. Eco-Conscious, Sustainable Methods

I’m kicking off the list with the design trend I’m most excited about: eco-conscious and sustainable event methods.

Eco-friendly events gained popularity throughout 2023, but this year I’m hoping to see this trend gain even more traction.

The top sustainability and eco-friendly strategies I expect to see incorporated into 2024 events include:

  • A priority on recyclable and reusable materials to minimise waste
  • A focus on seasonal and locally sourced foods
  • Sustainably made or all-natural décor
  • Energy-saving electronics
  • Implementation of low-carbon energy sources to reduce pollution and consumption of resources

2. Bold, Statement-Making Colour Palettes

This year, I’m betting that event designs will be as bold and bright as possible. Think show-stopping colour palettes, textures, and vibrant colour schemes.

For birthday parties, special events, and corporate events, I anticipate brilliant colours that are full of energy and personality, such as:

  • Earthy green
  • Red
  • Butter yellow
  • Brown and cream earthy tones
  • Dusty blues
  • Electric blue

For weddings in 2024, expect to see more muted colours, such as earthy tones, dusty blues, rust, lavender, blush, neutral tones, and soft yellows.

3. Unique, Bold Florals

The inclusion of floral arrangements has long been used to create an inviting atmosphere for special events, weddings, and parties. In 2024, I expect to see oversized flowers and unique floral arrangements trending.

For floral event design trends in 2024, we’ll likely see:

  • Entryways framed with oversized flowers
  • Bold designs featuring interesting mixes of flowers
  • Vibrant colour palettes, including blues, yellows, bright pinks, all shades of purple, magenta, and other vivid hues that infuse energy and personality into an event space
  • Hanging floral arrangements
  • Statement vases and centrepieces

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4. Statement Entrances

I expect statement entrances to be one of the biggest event design trends we’ll see in 2024. Whether it’s for your child’s birthday party, a bridal shower, or a corporate event, statement entrances create an immersive experience the second your guests step into your celebration.

Memorable entrances give guests a visual cue that the celebration is now underway and create a fun opportunity for selfies or group photos.

Wedding event entrance.

5. Outdoors In & Indoors Out

The inside-out trend has emerged in recent years and I predict it will only get more popular in 2024.

Expect to see indoor events adorned with greenery, all-natural decor, and lush surroundings that make guests feel as though they are immersed in the outdoors.

For outdoor events, expect settings that feel more like a cosy living room than a patio or rooftop. Outdoor settings will be infused with indoor vibes through chic finishings, such as cosy throw pillows, floor lamps, lounge areas, and plush seating.

6. Performers Throughout the Event

This year, expect to see less of a main performer at a set time on a big stage and more small performances intertwined throughout the event. Think of small stages featuring a violinist playing a solo right next to your table as you mingle with other guests.

Performers incorporated throughout the event create a sense of intimacy and draw guests together. It also helps prevent the disruptive feeling a main event can cause while still providing ample entertainment.

7. Lamps as Unique Table Centerpieces

I don’t picture florals ever going away in terms of their importance as table décor. But in 2024, expect to see floral arrangements and table décor complemented with unique non-floral centrepieces, such as lamps.

Lamps add a chic twist to table décor, a touch of personality, and an unmatched ambience. With so many varieties, styles, and colours to choose from lamps are also easy to customise based on your party or event theme.

8. Creative Seating

Creative seating will be a high priority for events in 2024. An increasing number of event planners, including myself, are opting for more creative seating arrangements that promote audience interactions and guest engagement.

The goal of creative seating is to prevent wide or expansive spaces from feeling overwhelming. Poorly spaced seating can lead to detached guests and a lack of cohesion.

Rather, create an intimate setting that promotes mingling and networking amongst guests without feeling cramped.

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9. Furniture As Art

Furniture isn’t just functional anymore. This year, furniture will be equally functional and stylish. Expect interesting shapes, vivid hues, unique cocktail tables, and modern furniture pieces to emerge as one of the biggest event design trends in 2024.

10. Performers Included as the Décor

Performers as entertainment will always be an important aspect of events, parties, and weddings. But in 2024, we’ll see a unique twist on this.

Expect to see an increasing number of performers as dynamic décor. Models bring a unique element to celebrations and present a fun photo opportunity for guests.

11. Fruit Accents as Décor

For event design trends this year, expect to see fruit and vegetable accents intertwined with other decorations. Think grapes, chillies, tomatoes, oranges, or lemons strategically scattered amongst tabletop decorations.

Along with adding a burst of colour, the fruit adds texture, interest, and fragrance. Anything goes, but I anticipate seeing fruits that complement the theme of the party, the location, or the season.

12. Palazzo-Themed Décor

Many couples dream of marrying in Italy, but the logistics get in the way. In 2024, I expect many couples will add a timeless, chic appeal to celebrations with Palazzo-inspired décor.

Palazzo-inspired design elements feel sophisticated and classic without feeling stuffy or too formal.

We’ll see palazzo-inspired décor, such as:

  • Frescoes
  • Rich, luxurious fabrics
  • Statement-making floors
  • Embroidered linen napkins
  • Picturesque garden spaces
  • Antique chandeliers

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Ready to Start Planning Your Event?

There are so many exciting event design trends we’ll see in 2024! If you are planning a corporate event, bridal shower, wedding, birthday party, or other special event this year, I’d love to chat with you about infusing your unique ideas into these design trends.

Whether you need bar tables, lounges, side tables, or dining chairs, I strive to remain at the forefront of ever-changing design ideas to make sure your event is memorable and on-trend. Contact M Event Hire and let’s get started planning your dream event!